Mass Rock Sites of:

County CORK

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Priest's Rock, Dunmanway (North)


Priest’s Rock is situated to rear of a house in Main Street in Dunmanway town. (see also County Cork; p.4 'Dunmanway North')

The Archaological Survey of Ireland states that it is ‘Marked on O.S. 1st and 2nd ed. (1842, 1903) as Priest's Rock: derivation of name not known locally.


According to the landowner, the rock forms part of a Hexagon Rock as shown on 3rd ed. (1935)’


Kinneigh Mass Rock


The Kinneigh Mass Rock is recorded at the northern side of an old laneway that runs west from Joe Moore’s yard a few hundred yards east of Saint Patrick’s Well (Kinneigh Church of Ireland 2010 internet).


The Mass Rock site was inaccessible from the suggested route as the area has since been heavily planted with forestry.


The landownder was kind enough to show us the Holy Well pictured here.


Although the Holy Well is reportedly visited annually on St Patrick's Day, the landownder advised that it was always the older people who used to come but that numbers had dwindled significantly due to lack of access.


Situated on Private Land


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Midleton Mass Rock


The Midleton Mass Rock is situated in a stream and has an inscribed cross on its surface.

Many thanks to SABRINA KRETSCHMER for the information and photographs concerning this site.

Situated on Private Land