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Clara Mass Rock


This Mass Rock is situated in the townland of Ballinough and is signposted from the road. Mass is said annually at this Mass Rock which is maintained by Robert Holmes. He hopes to erect a plaque at the site shortly to celebrate its history and heritage.

Clara Mass Rock_2_edited.jpg
Clara Mass Rock_1_edited.jpg

Dunkerrin Mass Rock

This Mass Rock is in the townland of Gurteenshingaun and is difficult to find as it is approximately 2km into the Coilte Plantation. Mass is celebrated annually t the site which was re-discovered in 2014.


Directions are as follows: in Dunkerrin take the road to Templemore for about 3km. At the first small cross roads (there’s a sign saying take a left to Rathnavogue Cemetery) take a right. Drive for c.500 meters and go straight through next cross roads (taking care to stop at stop sign before progressing).


Drive for approximately 2 km on this twisty, hilly, and narrow road, and after passing a farmers dwelling close to road on the right, turn right into the Coilte Plantation which is about 200m further on. Keep on the main road (it’s rough but well maintained) for another 2km.

Dunkerrin MR Offaly_2_edited.jpg
Dunkerrin MR Offaly_1_edited_edited.jpg

The road continues on straight but don’t go there as you could get lost and it’s not as well maintained. Instead, take another right here, and there should be a sign here saying Mass Rock. 500 meters down this road you’ll see the Mass Rock (this part of the road ends at the Rock).


My sincere thanks to Seamus Doherty for the information, direction and photographs of this site.

My sincere thanks to Robert for the information and photographs for this site.

Dunkerrin Mass Rock
Rahan Killina Offaly Mass Rock and Holy

Rahan Mass Rock

Rahan Mass Rock is located in Offaly in the Parish of Rahan. It is actually physically located in the Townland of Killina, and Rahan itself, which is the site of several ancient ecclesiastical Church’s and antiquities associated with Saint Carthage, is roughly 2 kilometres away from Killina, Northwest on the L2011 (then cross the bridge over the canal and keep left). It is marked as Rahan Mass Rock Garden but some people know it as Killina Mass rock.


The coordinates for Rahan/Killina Mass Rock are :

53°15'50.2"N 7°35'34.2"W          53.263936, -7.592820

Rahan Killina Offaly Mass Rock and Holy
Rahan Killina Offaly Mass Rock and Holy

The site has a holy well (Saint Anthony’s Well), Bullaun, Mass Rock and several contemporary items associated with Irish historical events. It is in a quiet rural area with few visitors.


My sincere thanks to Patrick Dease for the information concerning the site and for the photographs.


Mass Rock Sites beyond the Irish Borders

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