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Mass Rock Sites of:


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Carrive Mass Rock, County Armagh


The Carrive Mass Rock may be found along the Carrive Forest walk. We began our stroll from the car park where plenty of parking was available.


The Mass Altar is at the base of a large rock outcrop, well hidden from view. It measures 270cm wide, 110cm deep and 60cm high. There is a long stone laying close by to the altar which measures 170cm wide, 50 cm deep and 20cm high. It is proposed that this was probably a flat altar stone that was originally placed on the existing altar and would have raised the height of the altar to just under 1m. A similar stone was found at Carraig an tSeipeil in county Cork.

                                                                                                                                             Co-ordinates: N 54° 05' 21.9"  W -6° 28' 38.6"


The site is marked by a large cross and Stations of the Cross have been added to stones around the site.

The views from the site are very beautiful and far-reaching.


Mass Rock Sites beyond the Irish Borders

Photo from Una Walsh_edited.jpg

The broken Crucifix at Carrive Mass Rock has now been generously replaced. My thanks go to  Úna Walsh for these new images (Feb.2024)

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