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Mass Rock Sites of:

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Donagh Mass Rock, County Donegal


The Donagh Mass Rock can be found on the Carndonagh road to Ballyliffen, a short distance from St Patrick’s Cross. You will find a sign pointing up a small lane to the Donagh Mass Rock, also known as the Carndonagh Mass Rock. Follow the sign to the tarmacadam path that leads through the woods.

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The route is well sign-posted and you should not need permission to enter the land.

The Mass Rock is located in the old oak woods near Carrick in a clearing and has a white cross on top of the altar that came from the old church in Carndonagh.

Special thanks to Rosaline Callaghan for sharing this information for her permission to share the photographs online. 

Rosaline’s website Wild Storyteller contains a wealth of information about Donegal and includes her writing and poetry.

It can be accessed here:

Mass Rock Sites beyond the Irish Borders

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