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Mass Rock Sites of:

County CORK

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Dungannon Mass Rock Site 


This easily accessible outcropping of rock is located in the parish of Kilmacabea along the N71 (from Dungannon heading south in the direction of Skibbereen).


The Mass Rock is on the east side of the road after the Beehive Bar and measures almost 3m in length.


A sign opposite the Mass rock reads 'Connonagh'.


Co-ordinates: 51° 35’ 39.06’’ N  -9° 5’ 29.87’’ W


Kilshinahan Mass Rock Site


Situated within the parish of Kilbrittain, this rock outcrop is situated within a gallery wood in a secluded valley close to a stream. The site is clearly marked by a road-side sign and is easily accessed along a purpose built path. Steps leading to the site are well maintained and bounded by sturdy railings and fencing.


Co-ordinates: 51° 40’ 3.40’’ N  -8° 46’ 2.20’’ W

This picturesque site also serves as a memorial to the famine victims of the area and a plaque has been placed in commemoration at the entrance to the site. A metal cross inscribed with the initials IHS has been erected at the top of the Mass Rock.


Cooldaniel Mass Rock Site




The Cooldaniel Mass Rock is located within the parish of Kilmichael. This is an example of an earlier archaeological monument being used as a Mass Rock.


The wedge tomb sits on private land and is located high up on a mountain side. It is sheltered by higher ground to the north and commands excellent views of the surrounding area. It does not appear to have any visible markings, such as an inscribed cross, indicating its later use as a Mass Rock.

Calloras Outer

Coolaclevane Mass Rock Site 




This Mass Rock is situated at an elevation of 186.96m on a north facing slope in reclaimed private pastureland within the parish of Kilmichael.


It consists of a rocky outcrop with a modern grotto erected on top. At the time of the visit the grotto was empty.


The altar rests upon a base that has been constructed using local stone from the adjacent pastureland. A flat slab lay broken on top of the altar with only part of the inscription discernable as 'ENAL DAYS'.


Kilnadur Mass Rock Site




Situated in the parish of Kilmichael, the Mass Rock lies in a sheltered corner some distance from the road. The Mass Rock is built into a natural geological feature, which overhangs the altar itself and stands at an elevation of 173m above sea level.


The altar consists of a flat sandstone slab with a cross incised on the outer face of the altar stone.


Curraheen Mass Rock Site


The Mass rock sits in a secluded rock hollow set back from the roadside close to the village of Inchigeelagh at an elevation of 102.67m above sea level.

This is one of the most picturesque and well maintained sites as well as one of the most accessible and well signposted. It is situated on the southern scenic cycle route out of Inchigeelagh.


The base of the Mass rock is made up of individual stones which form a plinth upon which a large flat stone sits.


Co-ordinates: 51° 49’ 55.20’’ N -9° 8’ 1.50’’ W

On top of this stone, raised by two pillar stones sits another flat slab so that a small box like structure is formed. A small cross has been etched into the lower slab and at the time of the visit a Penal cross had been placed in the cavity of the box and flowers had been placed on the top slab. A plaque at the site reads "Altar of Penal Times - Mass was said here 1640-1800".

Calloras Outer Mass Rock Site


The Calloras Outer Mass Rock is situated in the modern day parish of Schull and is easily accessible on the road out of Goleen (past the Catholic Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, and St. Patrick). At an elevation of 115m, this large outcrop of rock is located on the south side of the road It forms part of a natural geological depression mirrored by a similar range to the north. It has a natural ledge and, on the west side, a large flat surfaced boulder at its base no doubt acted as the altar. Part of the rock outcrop above overhangs the altar stone slightly, possibly affording some cover for the Priest during Mass.


Co-ordinates: 51° 29’ 31.92’’ N -9° 44’ 6.87’’ W

At the time of the visit two quartz rocks with veins of copper ore running through them had been placed behind the altar stone.


Votive offerings including a statue of an angel, a photograph, a silver bell, a vase, money, burnt wood possibly from burning a candle together with a small sheath of dried grass had been left on the ledge.


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Mass Rock Sites beyond the Irish Borders

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